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How To


How To


Colored Body Side Moldings

I have a 2004 S60R and want to paint the body side moldings so they look like the 2005

This is possible although it's not cheap.  The easiest way to do it is to order the parts from a 2005 as they are pre-primed and have them painted and installed.  Please note that you must use a 2004 rear bumper trim and have it filled, sanded, primed and painted.

Original Partial Full

Body colored moldings - Part numbers & retail prices 

Parts for painting “upper” trim on ’04 S60R:
’05 side trim, paintable:

  • L/F Fender – 39987377 - $33.49

  • R/F Fender – 39987391 - $33.91

  • L/F Door – 39987405 - $80.75

  • R/F Door – 39987419 - $80.75

  • L/R Door – 39987447 - $44.60

  • R/R Door – 39987461 - $44.60

’05 front bumper trim, paintable:

  • Left curve – 39994625 - $23.00

  • Right curve – 39994632 - $23.00

’04 rear bumper trim, must be sanded before painting:

  • Rear – 9484007 - $88.43



2004 to 2005 tail light swap
I have a 2004 S60R and want to have clear tail lights like the 2005 models.  Is this possible?
Yes, this is possible and a very easy thing to do!  However you must cut both outer guide posts.  I did mine with a dremel tool.


Tail light Tail light modification
Before Partial After

To swap the tail lights to ’05 version:

  • L Lens – 30655369 - $111.88

  • R Lens – 30655370 - $111.88

  • Lower lamp socket (L&R) – 8663868 - $31.75

  • Upper lamp socket (L&R) – 30655371 - $31.75

Gasket (L&R) – 9483534 - $6.81


Stealth Bulb Installation

How do I get the Euro look without changing lenses?

You can purchase Stealth Auto bulbs that are reflective mirror finish when off but when turned on they turn amber. 

You may check to see what the actual bulbs your car has.  My owners manual stated that the bulbs were PY21W's for both front and rear however, when checking I found that the front turn signal bulbs were dual filament 1156's whereas the rears were PY21W's.

Off On


Bolster plastic tab replacement
I noticed that the black plastic tab on the side bolster is broken.  Can I replace it?
It's quite common apparently that the black tab on the back of the side bolsters in the rear seats breaks.  So, you can buy the black plastic and replace it through Volvo and it runs about $60.00..  However, it's difficult if you haven't done it and if you don't have the proper zipper.  You see Volvo secures the leather covering on the bolster by using a zipper without a zipper-pull.  I went to Joann's Fabrics and bought an assorted pack of zippers so I could remove the black plastic piece and then zip back up the zipper which holds the leather taut.


Broken Clip Manhandled guide pin Perfect clip of replacement
Zipper pull-less end Zipper Zipper Pull I bought
  Fixed and it fits perfectly  


Body Kit Installation Instructions

How do I install the Body Kit on my R?

You can purchase your body kit from your local dealer, Viva Performance, MySwedishparts or Boston Volvo.

Please note that the front winglets do lower the front end when installing the body kit.  It will make your car more susceptible to scraping.  Be aware of parking blocks.

2004 without body kit 2006 with body kit

Instructions for installation of body kit (760 kb)




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